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Welcome to this word press space of Place On Top and all its projects.
About: is an SEO company in Delhi and NCR, India providing quality seo services to its clients. There are loads of other services provided by Place On Top like web designing, web development, CMS, Ecommerce Solutions and more related.

There is a special section of the services of that provides free website designing and free SEO for websites for temples, non profitable NGOs or other related good cause websites.

Visit for more details on how you can benefit.

In this modern world if you own a business or run an organization, it not only requires you to have a website but also get it search engine optimized to not only get more business from the internet but also increase your online identity.

What is SEO/ search engine optimization?

To optimize a web page or website or related in such a way that it meets the standards for the search engines to list it better in the search engines rankings, is termed as search engine optimization.
There are vaious parts of SEO to get a website a better search engine listing like optimizing and proper programming of a website with web pages made the proper way and link popularity and more.
The field is vast and needs time, experiance, expertise, dedication, resources to get a website up on the rankings. SEO company also acts as branding company.

At we strive to get our clients up on the SERP (search engine ranking pages) and also importantly aim for the right keywords which are suitable for a business.

A web designing company in Delhi, Web designer in Delhi and an SEO company in Delhi.

You can also write straight to us at

Various projects of

Wholesale suppliers, exporters and manufacturers of home furnishings,  Sari skirts (Ready
made garments) and Handicrafts Accessories from India.

Silk Skirts, Bags, Tapestry wall hangings

Importers, Wholesale suppliers of wall hangings, bed linen, scarves,ladies tops,

skirts, bags, jewelry boxes and other readymade Garments and Home decor items from Uma Arts

Art International. Good quality and great variety and all at fantastic prices.

Hind Electric Works

Electrical contractors, engineers and all sorts of electrical service providers based

in New Delhi, India

Cast Film Machines

Manufacturers of Cast Stretch Film Lines/ Extrusion Machines in Delhi, India

Plastic Extrusion Machines

Plastic Extrusion Machinery | Plastics Machinery Manufacturers from India

Printing Machines

Printing and Conversion Machinery Manufacturers from India

Plastic Extrusion


Plastic Extrusion Machinery Information Blogging site. An indepth information and

blogging website for plastic extrusion.

Blown film lines

An information Blogging site on Blown film extrusion lines/ machines.

Amarnath Yatra Explore and blog to the 3 roads to the biggest truth, to God or Moksha:

Bhakti, Gyan and Karma.

SEO Company in Delhi Web designing company in Delhi,Search Engine optimization company-

Delhi/NCR India additional services,Website designing/ web development.

Tapestry Wall Hangings

A beautiful range of various types of Indian Wall hangings Tapestries, Tapestry

wallhanging. Also see other gifts and collectible items.

India Manufacturers | India Suppliers

A Buy Sell India Market Place for all the India Suppliers, India Exporters, India

Manufacturers for all products and services.

Apparel, Home decor, Accessories,


A website for all Apparel & Garments,Arts and Crafts,Furniture,Jewelry,Textiles and

Furnishings from India Suppliers, India Exporters, India Manufacturers.

Designer Delhi

Graphic designer in delhi, Logo designer in Delhi, web designer in Delhi,Interior

designer in Delhi, Fashion designer in Delhi,India

Radical Reflex

Web designing company in Delhi, IndiaIndia

Baba Rudru Ashram

Dera baba Rudru | Rudra Ashram in Distt. Una, Himachal Pradesh, India

I Investments

Investments solutions and consultancy

SS Machine

Extruders, Plastic Extrusion machines


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