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Kenya Safari Packages from The Earth Safari

ImageWith over 40 parks & game reserves, Kenya has long been known as the “Big-Game” country. Ideal for the TRUE WILDLIFE SAFARI. Kenya is a peaceful country in East Africa and holds a population of approximately 41million people with 42 tribes. It lies on the equator making it enjoy a favorable warm climate through out the year. The country was named after the second highest mountain in Africa, i.e. Mt Kenya, by the locals who used to worship on this mountain. ‘Jambo’ is the main welcoming greeting for every tourist. Our Safari Packages in Kenya unveil the true beauty of the wildlife of Kenya where tourists can discover a huge heard of elephant, grassy land, and majestic beauty of snow capped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kenya boasts a wide range of tourist and local attraction centers owing to its geographical features, good climate and natural resources. It is divided into 5 regions; north, south, east, central and west. The Central Kenya is the main hub of activities and holds the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. It centralizes all country’s activities including the main airport, Jomo Kenyatta Airport. It also holds all travel terminals such as Rift Valley Train which is the only train company in Kenya. Buses and other means of transport are commonly regarded as ‘matatus’ implying to public 14 seat buses.

Central Kenya and Great Rift Valley are home to 11 great National Parks of Kenya that are full of breathtaking diverse landscapes, wild animals such as elephants, lion, buffalo and captivating culture that welcome visitors with traditional dances making it a Kenyan Safari atmosphere. Nairobi National Park is situated in the heart of Nairobi and is less than an hour drive from Jomo Kenyatta airport. There are museums and other national parks such as, Hell’s Gate National Park with wonders of rocks that produce hot springs, The famous Mt. Kenya, Mt Longonot National Park with an amazing volcanic crater, Lake Nakuru National Park with beautiful flamingos, and Lake Bogaria. Masai Mara National Reserve draws thousands of safari tourists who come to witness the celebrated annual Kenya wildebeest migration and the Masai Warriors. Being a host of so many natural wildlife natural parks Kenya Safari from India and other parts of the world is the foremost amongst all. The weather in central Kenya is perfect with temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees.


The Western region of Kenya holds 7 national parks that are also home to different species of wild animals, exciting features, and old age rocks. Mt Elgon National Park is the most popular that attracts both locals and international tourist including tourists from India, US, Canada, Australia, Europe, UK and more and is known for its unique resorts, and hotel services. The weather here is cool owing to the breeze that come from Lake Victoria, but getting deeper into the city center Kisumu it gets hot. It is about ten hours drive from the main airport, though there is a small airport in the outskirt of the city that connects with the main airport.

The Northern side of Kenya has 18 national parks and reserves. This is the driest region in Kenya and temperature tends to go as high as 39 degrees celcius in some parts. The Southern and Coastal Kenya holds the entire coastal region with the most beautiful beaches and the legendary Fort Jesus in Kenya where slaves were kept. There are over 19 National Parks and several 5 star hotels, cottages and villas. Mombasa Airport connects with the main airport.

Check our various Kenya Safari Packages from The Earth Safari and The World of Safaris.


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