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Website Designing By Pankaj

It has been a decade now since I have been in this field of ferocious web designing and development in Delhi. The boom though started a little earliar than the year 2000 however me and Pankaj joint in troops after our meeting at the IIS Website, the famous web designing and development institute in Delhi of that time.
web designing by pankaj
It was the start but then started opening many other small and big institutes for web designing and web development. NIIT, Aptech, Tata Tulec and almost everyone. The trend kept changing from a simple graphic design or web design to 2D animation with guys expertise in Flash and Macromedia Director and also 3D animation software’s like Maya and others.
Some kept working at our institute on Dreamweaver and some on frontage, but there was one man sitting at the back of the benches constantly engrossed in the machine of bits and bytes giving letters the shape of words and codes the shape of HTML pages with simple HTML connection on a simple software ‘notepad’. Yet what he generated on that simple notepad was difficult for others to match with complicated software. Running striking red marquees through zed black base and making them suite with the rest of the content on the webpage was only Pankaj’s expertise. Colors were like tamed by Pankaj.
Times passed by and after graduating the institute some went for further studies including me and opened up an SEO company in Delhi and some started taking up jobs in various web designing companies in Delhi. The boom of Java flew many along that time too, but one man stayed in the same boat with his fingers doing justice to his soul, i.e designing and just designing. And he kept going on and on and on… creating wonders on the web and with recognition finding him itself.
The site was one made during that time what put the teachers in a thought for whom they were actually teaching.
Time passed and I and many others parted from Pankaj in their own fields and he kept going on working with his passion on web designing. Worked along with a few renowned web designing companies behind the curtains and it finally came when he broke the shackles and decided to come to the forefront. It was then when Radical Reflex was born! A Web Design Company in Delhi that watered the thirst of many who were desperate to have justice done to their work in their respective fields. Be it Serene Woods, The Living Garden, Sunset Meadows and many many more.
Slowly and steadily Radical Reflex started growing under the palms of Pankaj A Web designer in Delhi and along came the recognition worldwide which was much awaited and rightly so i.e awards from amongst the best in the world like American Design Awards, Mowsnet Award etc etc and supported by almost all he worked for and appreciated by mostly all who saw his work.
Today, when one needs quality in the field of web designing, look no further to Radical Reflex!

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